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Re: Why doesn't exist a 68k emulator in GDB?

On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 at 11:48:31AM +0800, Peng-Sheng Chen wrote:
>    You say that two conditions must be met in order to include the simulator under GDB.
>      1. a 68k emulator with GPL.
>      2. author agrees to sign over the rights to the FSF.
>    Why do we need the 2th condition?
>    GPL should let us to use and modify programs under GPL, isn't it?

Yes, but the FSF won't distribute it unless it is assigned the rights (ie, to
be released as part of the GDB package).  You could write a GPL 68k emulator
without assigning the rights and make your own release, which is all perfectly
fine, but it can't be integrated in the master sources.

For example, this has come up recently where SGI has released a GPL IA64
compiler that they control the rights to, which means the GCC group can't merge
any sources from that release.

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