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Re: [PATCH] More updates to FXSR/SSE support in 2.4.0-test1

Mark Kettenis wrote:
> Don't put too much effort into it.  I'm going to add some routines to
> GDB that do the conversion from an FXSAVE area to GDB's internal
> format that can be reused for other i386 targets besides Linux.

Okay, I've been offline working on the next release of XFree86 but I've
got the necessary kernel changes in place.  Core dumps now include the
standard FPU format and the FXSAVE FPU format.  We use
PTRACE_{GET|SET}FPXREGS as discussed, with the corresponding
user_fpxregs_struct in user.h.

> Yep, that would be fine.  You'll have to choose a name for the note
> too.  The other notes have the name "CORE", which is also used by
> other SVR4-derived systems.  In that case you'd have to make sure that
> NT_PRFPXREG doesn't clash with types that are already in use.  It's
> probably better to choose a different name.  There are no rules but
> the System V ABI suggests using the name of the vendor.  The old SSE
> support uses "LINUX", which isn't such a bad idea (there is no reason
> to choose a different name).  You can pick any number for NT_PRFPXREG,
> but choosing one that's not already used in libbfd makes life a bit
> easier.

I'd really like to use "CORE" rather than "LINUX", and have chosen
NT_PRFPXREG=20 (or NT_FPXREGSET as appropriate) as this seems to be okay
from what I can tell.  What do Unixware use?  It would be nice to end up
with the note as "CORE", but I can accept "LINUX" as an interim
solution.  Having a standard, cross-platform elf note for the fxsave
data would be ideal.

> Pick a number, and I'll make sure the necessary support will be added
> to libbfd and GDB.

NT_PRFPXREG|NT_FPXREGSET = 20 would make me happy.

I'm merging my work with Linus' latest stuff and will get it out ASAP.

-- Gareth

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