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Re: Ver 5.0 Configuration Problem with DJGPP

> From: "Ka Wai Ho" <>
> Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 19:13:33 -0700
> I get the follow message when configure GDB 5.0 

Thank you for your report.

> D:\DJGPP\gdb-5.0>sh ./gdb/config/djgpp/ 
> Checking the unpacked distribution... ok. 
> Editing configure scripts for DJGPP... 
> Running the configure script... 

This is already a sign of trouble: there should have been several
lines between the last line above and the line before that saying
things like this:

    File `./configure' updated
    File `./gdb/configure' updated
    File `./gdb/doc/configure' updated
    File `./gdb/gdbserver/configure' updated
    File `./gdb/nlm/configure' updated

etc.  So something on your system interfered with the

My first guess would be that you either don't have the GNU Find
utility installed, or have a FIND.EXE program from the stock
DOS/Windows distribution on your PATH, and picks it up
before the DJGPP port of GNU Find utility, which should be in your
D:\DJGPP\bin directory.  Please verify that you have find.exe in
D:\DJGPP\bin, and that D:\DJGPP\bin appears in PATH *before* C:\DOS or

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