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nindy protocol

Does anyone have a copy of the Nindy protocol specification or an old
Intel gnu960 (aka CTOOLS) distribution that contains Nindy source?  I
checked, but the CTOOLS distributions currently
available all have mon960 instead of Nindy.

The reason I ask is because I'd like to get rid of the dcache_fetch()
and dcache_poke() functions which are only used by remote-nindy.c and

Unlike most remote targets, the nindy_xfer_inferior_memory() function
breaks the transfer into multiple word-aligned word-sized transfers.
These word-sized transfers are performed through dcache_fetch() and
dcache_poke().  The header comment for nindy_xfer_inferior_memory()
        "This is stolen almost directly from infptrace.c's
        child_xfer_memory, which also deals with a word-oriented
        memory interface.  Sometime, FIXME, rewrite this to not use
        the word-oriented routines."

I'm not sure whether this means that nindy protocol supports non-word-
aligned, non-word-sized transfers, and the code just needs to be fixed
to use them, or if something more substantial must be done.  I checked
the code in nindy-share/nindy.c, which seems to indicate that the
protocol supports arbitrary sized/aligned transfers, but it's not 
explicitly stated.  I'd like to confirm this before submitting a patch.

In case anyones wondering, the primary reason I'd like to get rid of
these functions is that otherwise I'd have to adapt them to take a
mem_attrib parameter.  They also seem to be poorly specified.  They
read and write a host word, when I'd think they would be defined in
terms of the target's word size.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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