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Re: Proposal: convert function definitions to prototyped form

> Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 12:10:42 -0700
> From: Kevin Buettner <>
> > I've used protoize before with good results.  It was a fairly
> > substantial project, though not as big as gdb.
> Okay.  Out of curiousity, did the project in question have a large
> number of active developers?

I think the real problem is not the number of developers, but the
number of different configurations, and also different data types and
functions concealed behind macros.  `protoize' needs everything to be
explicit, so it is not easy to run it on multi-platform project that
uses macros to hide system dependencies (since you want the same
macros back in the reformatted sources).

This is a disadvantage of `protoize'.  Its significant advantage is
that its output is *always* correct, because it takes the info ``from
the horse's mouth'': the compiler itself.  In contrast, a script is
simply a text-processing tool: it really doesn't understand the
semantics of the source.  In fact, it doesn't really understand the
syntax very well.

So with a script, we will always need a verification tool that can be
trusted to find any potential bugs introduced by reformatting.

> > I'd be tempted to do a build before running your script; stash away the
> > object files; run the script; do another build; compare the object
> > files...
> Good idea.  I'll have to see what gcc does to compare object files.
> (I don't think a simple cmp works for ELF files.)

Comparing object files generally doesn't work.  COFF (at least the
variety used by DJGPP) is another case: if I compile the same source
twice in a row, I get different object files (IIRC, the time stamp is
recorded inside).

One method I can suggest is to compile the source without
optimizations, then run "objdump --disassemble" and compare the output
of `objdump' for the two source files (original and reformatted).  (I
suggest to disable optimizations because it's possible that ANSI
source allows the compiler to produce more optimal code that the K&R

Note that, since you need to compile the source to make sure
reformatting didn't screw up anything, you essentially get the same
problems you had with `protoize', albeit through the back door: you
need to build for all supported configurations to make sure nothing's

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