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Re: does GDB support IRIX 64 bit executables?

> robert somerville wrote:
>Andrew Cagney wrote:
>> robert somerville wrote:
>> >
>> > especially executables produced by the MIPSpro compilers
>> Um, can you be a little bit more specific?  Which ABI and native or
>> cross?  GDB internaly supports a number of MIPS ABIs, some 32 bit, some
>> 64 bit and some which are suffering an identity crisis.
>>         enjoy,
>>                 Andrew
>the native MIPSpro 7.3 series of compilers (f77/cc) in 64 bit mode (
>-64 flag )
>on R10000/R12000 chips.
>I don't see a configuration option to build GDB for a 64bit enviroment,
>the default GDB build for IRIX6.5; 4.18/5.0 pukes, says
>wrong DWARF version on a 64bit executable. I suppose I could try gcc
>in 64 bit, but then f77 would be an issue for me.

The dwarf2 standard says that various things are 32 bit in dwarf2.
Such as section offsets.

SGI emits dwarf2 with 64bit offsets because it just seemed
short-sighted to have elf64 with 64 bit offsets and no
way to support really large dwarf sections.

gdb is following the dwarf standard, so dwarf2read.c does
not understand the SGI 64bit offsets-etc-in-dwarf2.
(no such 64bit offsets were defined in the dwarf standard)

I don't have a patch for this. At this time. Sorry.
I'd love to do one.  I've made a note on my TODO list,
but have not checked the gdb TODO list on this...

[SGI has not seen any sections as big as 4GByte, but
I have heard of 1GB dwarf sections.   The dwarf2 standard
committee has adopted a means of
allowing (not requiring) 64bit offsets in dwarf.
Support for compatibly reading the new stuff is not 
supported yet either  in dwarf2read.c 
(no reason it should be in gdb at this time).  ]

David B. Anderson

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