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Re: [Comments?] Nightly build of GNU tool chains. (fwd)

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Andrew Cagney wrote:
> Rod Stewart wrote:
> Here are some suggested improvements to add to the end of the wish list:
> Perhaps include the testsuite final numbers (pass, fail, xpass, xfail,
> ...) in the web page - that would allow people to quickly see trends and
> pick better snapshots.

That is what is supposed to be in test summary.log, just noticed it was
broken, should be fixed on tomorrows build. :)  For projects which use
dejagnu I'm using the test_summary script from gcc/contrib to generate
this list.

> If check.log, build.log or summary.log somehow relate back to
> gdb/testsuite/gdb.{sum,log} then maybe give them those names.  My first
> guess was that ``build.log'' was from ``make all-gdb > build.log 2>&1''
> and ``check.log'' was from ``make check-gdb > check.log 2>&1''.  Hmm,
> having just downloaded ~2mb, it isn't true. Turns out that check.log
> contains the contents of both sim.log + gdb.log. Could I suggest making
> available:
> ``make all-gdb'' ``make check-gdb'' ``make check-sim'' gdb.log gdb.sum
> sim.log sim.sum and those summary numbers.

Thanks for the comments here, I'll try to make things clearer over the

build.log currently is the output of the entire rpm build, this includes
the part from "make -k check".  I'll try to split it up a bit.

I was not aware there were two outputs, one from check-gdb, and one from
check-sim.  I'll what can be done.

> BTW summary.log doesn't contain very much.

Fixed, see above.

Thanks for the comments.

FYI, I hope to add in Linux ix86 and Linux PPC targets soon as well.


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