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Re: does GDB support IRIX 64 bit executables?

robert somerville wrote:
> Andrew Cagney wrote:
> >
> > robert somerville wrote:
> > >
> > > especially executables produced by the MIPSpro compilers
> >
> > Um, can you be a little bit more specific?  Which ABI and native or
> > cross?  GDB internaly supports a number of MIPS ABIs, some 32 bit, some
> > 64 bit and some which are suffering an identity crisis.
> >
> >         enjoy,
> >                 Andrew
> the native MIPSpro 7.3 series of compilers (f77/cc) in 64 bit mode (
> -64 flag )
> on R10000/R12000 chips.
> I don't see a configuration option to build GDB for a 64bit enviroment,
> the default GDB build for IRIX6.5; 4.18/5.0 pukes, says
> wrong DWARF version on a 64bit executable. I suppose I could try gcc
> in 64 bit, but then f77 would be an issue for me.

I suspect it doesn't.  There is nothing in the news file.

GDB does support a number of 64 bit MIPS ABIs (eg EABI64) and that could
well be very like the ABI used by -64.  You can build a GDB supporting
these ABI's using targets like mips64-elf and mips64vr5000-elf.

Any way, I'd suggest trying to build a GDB using something like:

	CC="cc -64" ../gdb-5.0/configure

This forces the IRIX 64 bit ABI to be used and hopefully that gets
things like procfs.c built using the correct headers.


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