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Re: [Comments?] Nightly build of GNU tool chains. (fwd)

[I've pruned the cross post a little :-)]

Rod Stewart wrote:

> Send any comment/suggestions to:

Plenty!  But first this sort of thing is very welcome.

Here are some suggested improvements to add to the end of the wish list:

Perhaps include the testsuite final numbers (pass, fail, xpass, xfail,
...) in the web page - that would allow people to quickly see trends and
pick better snapshots.

If check.log, build.log or summary.log somehow relate back to
gdb/testsuite/gdb.{sum,log} then maybe give them those names.  My first
guess was that ``build.log'' was from ``make all-gdb > build.log 2>&1''
and ``check.log'' was from ``make check-gdb > check.log 2>&1''.  Hmm,
having just downloaded ~2mb, it isn't true. Turns out that check.log
contains the contents of both sim.log + gdb.log. Could I suggest making
``make all-gdb'' ``make check-gdb'' ``make check-sim'' gdb.log gdb.sum
sim.log sim.sum and those summary numbers.

BTW summary.log doesn't contain very much.

Anyway, thanks for the effort of making this all available.


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