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Re: [PATCH 1/2] GDB process record and reverse debugging improvements for arm*-linux*

On 11/28/2013 06:04 AM, Omair Javaid wrote:
gdb is for user space; and use space is not allowed to use SPSR
>directly using MSR instruction.
>so old code base + new code base whereever we have got SPSR getting
>modified we need to remove the same.
I agree with you that we have to do a lot of rework of previous process record code. But I am not sure it would be productive for us to get working code out and loose the functionality or delay its submission. As Record/Replay is pretty much functional with this set of patches I am hoping that we can do a complete rework if required later on.

If there is something broken related to the submissions, the common practise could be one of them below:

 1. Fix them first,
2. Document the existing limitations/problems or write a test case to kfail it. In this way, people are aware of this.
 3. Continue the submission and revisit the problems later.

Personally, I choose one of them, depending on the complexity of fixing the existing problems. This patch series is a large one, and based on some existing code. I would like to fix existing problems first, before doing something new, if it doesn't take much time on fixing existing problems. These patches are preparatory, and usually simple. so they have more chances to be reviewed in a timely manner. These preparatory patches set up a context for your large patch series, and the context is helpful to understanding your patch series. As a result, the review process may be shortened.

I don't want you to fix existing problems first, or take other actions.
Just let you know something submitters can do to help maintainers to approve patches.

Yao (éå)

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