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Re: [PATCH] Fix Gold/strip discrepancies for PR 11786

Jan Kratochvil writes:
 > On Thu, 07 Nov 2013 18:32:08 +0100, Doug Evans wrote:
 > > I don't mind such changes, but these are changes.  Agreed?
 > So far I have expexted testsuite should follow the GDB coding standards and
 > reviewers only have various reasons (*) why not to enforce the coding
 > standards so strictly (or at all) for the testsuite.

All the GDB coding standards?
The testsuite is replete with various violations.

[One might suggest requiring new tests to explicitly mark themselves
as standard-compliant or non-compliant so that we can pass the plethora
of -Wfoo that we pass for GDB.  I wouldn't disagree that that's perhaps
too much. :-)]

I don't have a strong opinion, so I'm not the one you have to convince.
[I do have a strong opinion that whatever the rules are, they be written
down of course.]

 > (*) save time of both the submitter and reviewer, making patch acceptance
 >     easier for submitters etc.
 > > I was trying to end the thread, and make some minimal mutually agreeable
 > > progress.
 > I would also like so.

I feel more comfortable getting approval for the modest changes I've proposed,
making some progress, while leaving the general discussion to another thread.
Either way is fine with me.
No one has objected to my proposal (which isn't necessarily decisive
of course).
Propose yours and see what happens (please start a separate thread though
so the Subject line is more appropriate). Being a more substantive change,
I'd feel more comfortable with explicit approval from all the GMs,
as opposed to passive non-disapproval. :-)

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