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Re: #!/usr/bin/env tclsh

[trunk+v3] ConfigTool serial baud options

[trunk+v3] Reinstate cyg_flash_init arg

add global warnings flag to hal/common

ARM architecture HAL fix

ARM9 Cache Handling

at91wdtc driver init

calmrisc16 cflags


clarify semantics of the true colour formats

coldfire compiler flags update

Compilation warning in am29xxxxx.inl

compiler flags for cortexm

ConfigTool - UNC paths and calculated values

Cortex-M tweaks

cortexm system control register definitions

cxxsupp test on SH architecture



eCosTest patch

fix another init priority

Fix arm-elf-gcc 3.2.1 failure to build cxxsupp test

fix AT91 SPI driver

fix banner breakage

Fix of Synopsys DesignWare Bug in Serial Driver

Fix PPP per-package documentation reference

fix some coldfire definitions

fix the ARM innovator platform HAL

Flash API change: remove printf function from cyg_flash_init

fr30 compiler flags update

initialize synth frame buffer at char device priority

m68k i2c driver fixes

memalloc fix compiler warnings

Miscellaneous build errors

more compiler flags - MIPS

New M25Pxx SPI Flash driver.

OS X Synthetic port (partial, incomplete and unlikely to ever work)

Package database and stylesheet fixes

powerpc compiler flags

Re: Redboot compilation problems

RedBoot doc link and ecos.db superfluous aliases

redboot/.../flash.c compiler warnings

RedBoot: Auto-detection of gzipped/non-gzipped images

redboot: move platform info

remove incomplete sentence from flash docs

remove unused interface

Some minor updates to the STM32 SPI driver.

Re: SPI lpc2xxx patch

SPI subsystem update

spi.sgml fix

stdio.h patch

STM32 - Allow initialisation of SRAM area from ROM.

STM32 ADC driver

STM32 SPI bus 3 pin contention patch.

STM32 SPI driver - get rid of 'manual' bus selection.

stm32 variant changes

Support for additional AMD-type Flash Devices

tidy STM32 SPI driver

update ARM architectural HAL

update ARM platform HALs compiler flags

update calmrisc32 compiler flags

update constructor priorities

update frv compiler flags

update generic wallclock package

update generic watchdog init pri

update h8 compiler flags

update I2C subsystem to use the right init priority

update i386 compiler flags

update init priority

update m68k compiler flags

update mn10300 compiler flags

update openrisc compiler flags

update SH compiler flags

update sparc compiler flags

update sparclite compiler flags

update synth watchdog driver

update synthetic target compiler flags

update v85x compiler flags

update VADS flash driver

Use .type in ARM vectors.S

Use arm-elf toolchain for EBSA285

Various patches


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