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Re: Support for additional AMD-type Flash Devices

Rene Nielsen wrote:
Can you confirm the -B and -T parts really have different
bufsiz and that these values are correct?
I tried looking it up myself in the datasheet[1]
and the only mention of the buffer size claimed it was unsupported.

Thanks for your scepticism, Jonathan. Indeed, there's a flaw in the
previous patch. Never trust other people's work :-)

A lot of stuff we have to take on trust (not having hardware for everything) but I just happened to notice. I guess it was a fairly benign issue this way round making it fractionally slower (rather than claiming it was bigger than it was which would have messed up the programming).

And if you can include a ChangeLog entry with your reply that makes

things easier too :-). Sorry, I've never tried to post here before. Slowly learning... Included in the attached and updated patch.

Looks fine, now committed, thanks!

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