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Re: RedBoot: Auto-detection of gzipped/non-gzipped images

Rene Nielsen wrote:
In November 2007 I posted a patch (on the wrong mailing list) for
auto-detecting whether an image is flat or gzipped
Recently, I imported the latest eCos to our own repository, and found
that the patch I posted back then was not in place.
So I had a hard time merging the latest and greatest with what we have
in our own repository, but finally succeeded. Here's the new patch for
flash.c followed by the required patch for the CDL file.

Thanks for the patch, let's see if we can get it in this time! Unfortunately your mailer seems to have corrupted it a bit. Perhaps try attaching it as a file instead of appending it?

Secondly, the redboot.cdl patch is generated with plain diff rather than diff -u (and is again corrupted in your mail).

Can you attach an appropriate ChangeLog entry, thanks.

Lastly, a few specific details I noticed (I won't be able to complete reviewing the patch until I can apply it).

@@ -165,6 +169,7 @@ RedBoot_nested_cmd("fis", cyg_flashaddr_t flash_start, flash_end;
size_t flash_block_size;
cyg_uint32 flash_num_blocks;
+char fis_name_of_latest_loaded_image[16];
void *fis_work_block;
cyg_flashaddr_t fis_addr;

I don't think this should be here.

@@ -1574,6 +1617,12 @@ fis_load(int argc, char *argv[])
+    // Used in hal_if.c
+    if(entry_address == (unsigned long)NO_MEMORY) {
+        fis_name_of_latest_loaded_image[0] = '\0';
+    } else {
+        strcpy(fis_name_of_latest_loaded_image, name); // name is
guaranteed to be within 16 bytes, since fis_lookup() would otherwise
+    }

Nor this bit.

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