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ARM9 Cache Handling

The attached patch contains several changes/additions to the ARM9
variants cache implementation:

The following changes affect all ARM9 variants:
1) In HAL_ICACHE_ENABLE(): Enabling the MMU should not be part of the
cache routines.
2) CYGSEM_HAL_FLASH_CACHES_NODISABLE: New CDL option for controlling how
HAL_FLASH_CACHES_OFF() and HAL_FLASH_CACHES_ON() are implemented. If it
is not defined or 0, it'll be the good old implementation. Otherwise,
these macros will be empty. Default for the option is not defined.

ARM926EJ-specific changes:
3) Parameterized HAL_DCACHE_SIZE and HAL_ICACHE_SIZE. Defaults remain 8
and 16 KBytes, respectively.
4) HAL_DCACHE_STORE(): New macro for flushing part of the D-cache to
5) HAL_DCACHE_INVALIDATE(): New macro for invalidating part of the
6) HAL_DCACHE_FLUSH(): New macro for flushing and invalidating part of
the D-cache.

Rene Schipp von Branitz Nielsen 
Vitesse Semiconductors

Attachment: arm9_cache_20090213.patch
Description: arm9_cache_20090213.patch

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