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Test Farm: MySQL upgrade


[excuse the x-post but I need to get everyone, including those external maintainers that occassionaly use the farm]

We need to upgrade the MySQL database to version 4 from v3.23 for various reasons in the test farm, the largest of which is house-keeping:

There are several housekeeping functions that cannot be done automatically in MySQL3.23 without writing reams of perl scripts to do this automatically. Since I am not of the disposition of writing scripts unnecessarily, I would like to upgrade.

After doing various research, we should be able to move seamlessly in the farm. Bugzilla works, so the farm should too. The upgrade could take anywhere as short as an hour to as long as a couple of days if I hit problems.

Needless to say, this will require syncing with releases and whatever else people are currently monitoring in the farm. I propose starting on the weekend 2nd Oct to minimise effects. This will mean shutting down the farm for that period.

Please let me know if this is a problem and your preferred dates if so.

-- Alex

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