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Sharp ARM7 LH79520

I'm not sure if this address will yield results but I
need some
help so I'm going to try it.
This is the first time I'm working with eCos and I'm
trying to understand it. I'm working
with a logic development board using sharp LH79520 and
there's no package/templace for this.
I've tried a few of them that I believe will work
because of the memory map is within range.
However, I'm having some problems so I wanted to do a
minimal configuration without serial capabilities. I
want to do that because I'm using a debugger that will
download the elf/DWRF2 file
onto ram and execute from there. Unforturnately, all
the template configurations will not allow me to
remove the serial capabilities completely. Therefore,
I'm trying to write a template for my board.
I've been reading and looking at documentations for
the past few days but none so far can tell me how to
go about that. If you know of any documentations
explaning the steps to build my own template please
let me know.
I'll greatly appreciate it and any help you can offer.
I hope this mail, although somewhat long, will explain
my problem to you. Thank you very much and I hope to
hear your suggestions.

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