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Re: [Bug 1000096] new AT91 platform: JTST

On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 06:51:26PM +0200, Andrea Michelotti wrote:

> It exists supplemental DSP APIs for debbuging, user support and for
> system service routines. The problem is that I have to undestand the
> best way to plug them into eCos.  At the moment I have a package
> that is situated in my local tree in package/devs/dsp/arm/magic.

Humm. As a starting point that is reasonable.

However we might want to think a bit about the long term. I can see
more silicon with a CPU and a DSP together comming along. eg there is
TI OMAP and im sure there are others. You should also think about your
own internal plans. Maybe you will release another chipset which has
the same DSP but a different processor. Or maybe you keep the same
processor but have a different DSP. You want to keep the API the same
to make it easy to port software between the different systems.

So you might want to split it up into multiple packages. Maybe one
package that implements the API. Another which implements the things
which are specific to the DSP and a third which is specific to the

Now is the API generic enough that it could say be used for the OMAP
or some other manufactures CP+DSP chipset? Im guessing not, it would
be very difficult to have such a generic API.

So maybe you need something like the following structure


Since there is nothing like this at the moment we have much more
freedom for discussion, so if you have other ideas or requirements
please let us know.

> We have developed (work done by atmel China) an ecos driver also for the USB
> (philips isp1181) included in the JTST; but I must check if we can
> distribute the sources..

We would also need to look at the copyright assignment. Is it specifc
to you, Atmel Italy, or Atmel world wide?


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