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Re: [Bug 1000096] new AT91 platform: JTST

Andrea Michelotti wrote:
Hi Andrew,
JTST has the same AIC controller as the other AT91 platforms, but jtst uses
both line 0 (FIQ, connected with dsp halt signal) and line 1 (IRQ).
In general atmel AIC has 1 FIQ +31 IRQs always available, depends on the
board/SOC if they are used.
In this simple at91 port I included the minimum to run eCos on diopsis and
to lunch dsp applications.
It exists supplemental DSP APIs for debbuging, user support and for system
service routines. The problem is
that I have to undestand the best way to plug them into eCos.
At the moment I have a package that is situated in my local tree in
I thought magic as a device. It works, but I'm absolutely not sure that is
the right thing to do.
We have developed (work done by atmel China) an ecos driver also for the USB
(philips isp1181) included in the JTST; but I must check if we can
distribute the sources..
At the moment all JTST in the world have Redboot installed in flash and run
obviously eCos applications.

Here two links to jtst datasheets:

This is useful info, could you consider adding appropriate info containing useful info like this and some of the other things you've written as a README in the doc/ subdirectory of the platform HAL? SGML Docbook would be even better as it would mean it could be integrated into the full proper eCos documentation set (as at <>).

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