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Re: [ECOS] Problem with little-endian RedBoot for GRG board

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 06:27, Mark Salter wrote:
> >>>>> =?big5?B?V2lsbGlhbSBDaGVuICizr6n6rHUp?=  writes:
> > Hi all,
> > 	I'm trying to run the little-endian RedBoot on GRG board.
> > I downloaded RedBoot 1.94 Pre-Built Binaries (includes NPE Ethernet support) from Intel, in that contains both big-endian and little-endian RedBoot binaries.
> > It runs successfully when i update the big-endian RedBoot binary to my GRG board, but it's fail to run when i update the little-endian binary.
> > I've tried to install the little-endian binary to GRG board by using flash programmer and updating from RedBoot and both case are failed.
> > If any one has experience about running little-endian RedBoot on GRG board ?
> If it is not running at all, then I suspect that you are programming
> the flash with a reversed byte order image. The toolchain will produce
> a little-endian image for a little-endian RedBoot. However, the GRG
> (and IXDP425) require the image programmed into flash to be big-endian.
> So, you need to take the little-endian redboot.bin and swap the byte
> order of all the 32-bit words before programming into flash. Another
> problem I have seen is that a number of GRG boards use A-step cpu
> which does not fully support little-endian. In that case, everything
> works except the NPE support.
> BTW, look for the GRG and IXDP425 little-endian support to be merged
> into CVS this week...

That's encouraging :-)  Have you any word on the Copyright transfer?

Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

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