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Re: TCP Stack Testing problem

On Sat, Dec 31, 2005 at 09:00:27PM +0530, Madhava Reddy S wrote:
> Hi Lunn,
> Thanks for your valuble reply.

It might help if you actually read my reply fully. You seems to of not
understood big parts of it.

> As you said i created a new project with i386 PC target and selected the 
> net option rather than the default in the template packages.
> Next in the eCos HAL -  i386 architecture - i386 PC target I have selected 
> the startup type as Floppy.
> In Basic networking - initialization options for eth0  I have selected the 
> Address setup for eth0.
> Then i geneated the library and compiled the hello work program in 
> /ecos-2.0/examples.
> Generated the bin of exe  i386-elf-objcopy -O binary nw_test nw_test.bin
> copied ot floppy dd conv=sync if=nw_test.bin of=/dev/fd0
> booted the target system.
> >From the host i tried to ping to target using ping
> It says dest unreachable.

The hello world program does not start the tcp/ip stack, so i would
not expect it to respond. Like i said in my last reply, use the
network test programs.

 > Even i tried to connect using gdb i386-elf-gdb nw_test
> (gdb)target remote
> It says No route to host.

I explained by this does not work in my last reply........


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