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Re: ISR problem

On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 12:06:30PM +0000, ram kumar wrote:
> Hi all,
>  i am working on x86 PC platform. At present i am
> using on board serial port COM1 for serial
> communication. I can use ?ser0? driver but I am doing
> it by directly accessing the registers. (Using

Why? What is wrong with the eCos serial driver?

> The three vector numbers what I used are 12 (it is
> vector used in windows to attach ISR in windows), 32
> (this is the default vector number I found in ecos
> config tool), 36 (this the vector number assigned
> through CDL for ser0), but all three vector number
> didn?t make the ISR active.
> One doubt I am having, how can we know that what
> vector number is assigned to the IRQ of a port.
> Whatever is the type of port? 
> Please can some one tell me the correct vector number
> of COM1 for x86 PC in eCos. 

How about first using the eCos serial driver and checking that works
correctly. If it does, you then know the vector to uses.


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