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On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 04:41:38PM +0530, vasantha.rajan wrote:
> On Thursday 29 December 2005 21:37, you wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Thanks for your reply...
> Actually for our project we use the Templates-> Altera DDR ARM9/excalibur 
> board( as Hardware) and default package......and we use lwip stack to develop 
> driver for WLAN. We are not using any Interrupt...but use polling method and 
> in ecos HAL i use startup type as "ROMRAM".
> Actually  we are really confused about the default package we use in the 
> template or we have to use net package or something else ????and is it a must 
> to use interrupt instead of polling???

There are two templates for lwip. They are in look in
packages/templates. You will see there is lwip_eth and lwip_ppp. Since
you are trying to write an ethernet driver the choice should be
> I really ask sorry for the present lengthy mail.....
> 1. Currently in my ecos.db for my target board I have included only LWIP 
> Package....but from your previous reply, the support.c file is present in 
> CYGPKG_NET_FREEBSD_STACK package only....When I include the 
> ecos.db the configtool showed me conflict..why????

Come on, reality check. Use your head. Does it make sense to have two
TCP/IP stacks in the same application? No it does not, which is why
you are getting the conflict.
> 3. In support.c file...a Nework Thread ( cyg_netinit() ) is resumed and it 
> waits for a flag....My doubt is whether I have to include the same support.c 
> file for my lwip_stack (That include network thread, SYSINIT  macro and many 
> other functions)???? Right now I dont have support.o (object file) in my Lib 
> directory( target.ld )
> 4. If i have to use the same support.c file in lwip_stack, where I have to 
> place that file in the Kernel ( ie,path )??? Or I have to write a seperate 
> logic for implementation of the support.c file???

Again, reality check. Do you think lwip works? If so, why would you
need to move code around, implement your own version of support.c?
Surely it makes more sense that everything you need is already there. 

You have the source code, try reading it. All this started because of
the table. Lets do something really simple, like search for
CYG_HAL_TABLE_BEGIN in the lwip code....

~/eCos/anoncvs-clean/packages/net/lwip_tcpip$ grep -r CYG_HAL_TABLE_BEGIN .
./current/src/ecos/init.c:CYG_HAL_TABLE_BEGIN(__NETDEVTAB__, netdev);

So maybe init.c contains similar functionality to support.c in the
bsd_tcpip stack. Doesn't this make much more sense than having to copy
code around, or have two stacks which results in a conflict etc.

> Plz Reply...  

OK. Before you ask your next set of questions, please do a reality
check, read the source code, apply logic and reasoning etc... 

I you continue to ask questions without doing some basic research and
trying to understand what is going in, i will ignore you.


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