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Re: Building eCos 2.0b1 from Source for i386

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 09:38:44AM -0800, jess_lyn (sent by wrote:

> now i have the proper source. can u tell me how to set it all up for
> my requirement. i should be able to compile a version of ecos for
> i386. i have a ebook from anthony j massa about ecos. but its
> windows oreinted whereas my work is with linux. theres nothing
> mentioned in that book about configuring the whole package using
> configure script in the main folder. i tried like this
> in the main folder
> mkdir build; cd build
> ../configure --target=i386 --prefix=/opt/ecos-i386
> when i try make i get the following error
> no rule to make all

What do you have in your top level?

You should have:

COPYING  acinclude.m4  configure*    eCos.hhc   host/
CVS/  aclocal.m4  eCos.hhp   images/
ChangeLog  acsupport/    doc/          examples/  packages/

It is common for people to not check out acsupport and host. Do you
have these?


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