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Re: Re: Dual Ethernet Cards of Intel i82559 for Intel IXDP465 platform

What is likely happening is that the route for the
subnet is associated with eth0.  When eth0 goes down,
the subnet needs to be reassigned to eth1.  This
doesn't happen automatically.

You can view the current list of network routes by
invoking show_network_tables(...) in

Then you'd have to write some code to delete the route
pointing at eth0 and replace it with the route
pointing at eth1.  An example of that code can be
found in the ppp stack in dodefaultroute(...) in

Hope this helps,
-- Matt

--- "Robin.Lin" <> wrote:

> Thanks for the replies from Matt, Clemens, and
> Andrew.
> I have written a TCP application to test and the
> behavior was the same.
> I have used sniffer to catch the packets to verify.
> I know the default
> behavior is correct. But when I unplug the first
> Ethernet card's cable,
> it should not make the second Ethernet card fail. It
> will take the first
> Ethernet card as the best route path, but when the
> path is broken, it
> can't rebuild the route path. That's the problem.
> I don't know how to fix the problem. Should I modify
> the driver of Intel
> i82559? Or what else I can try? Could anyone give me
> the direction?
> Robin

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