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Naive newbie questions!

Hi!  I got curious about eCos and decided to do a couple of small projects
in it.  My target system is a TAMS 3011.

My first question, which should give you some clue of how little I know of
what's going on, is this:  How do I determine which version of eCos is in
a source repository?  Everything is named "current".  Presumably it was
current when it was shipped, but is there a version string or number anywhere?
If so, where would I find it?

My second question is a little more elaborate.  In a fit of insanity, I
decided that what I really need out of an embedded system is the ability
to play Zork.  So, I've ported frotz to eCos.  This means copying the guts
of the Berkeley curses and termcap libraries over, hard-coding in a termcap
entry, and running things that way.

Surprisingly, this works!

Only, it doesn't quite.  Once frotz is booted, every other character is
dropped.  Worse, it doesn't actually get cbreak mode; regular line-mode
processing is still in effect, such that I can edit a line using backspace,
etcetera, and when I'm done, the edited line shows up all at once.

To clarify, the "every other character is dropped" thing happens before any
input processing.  So, if I type "hello\n", I don't get back the line "hlo";
I get nothing, because the "\n" was one of the characters dropped.  (The hlo
echoes, though.)  If I type "hheelllloo\n\n", then, after the second \n is
sent, the whole line shows up.  If I type "h e l l o \n ", same thing.

It doesn't appear that attempts to tweak terminal mode are at issue; this
seems to happen regardless.

Any likely first things to look at?  I guess the first question is, are
people successfully doing reads (and ideally raw reads with no line buffering)
on this system?


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