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Re: ecos-install.tcl for Darwin

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 09:47:46PM +0100, Olivier Kaloudoff wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I'm using eCos and RedBoot on Darwin,
> and have downloaded the gnuarm toolchain binaries
> available from
> 	Is it long to patch actual installer to
> include Darwin ? (maybe is it already planned)
> 	I would propose myself to do the work,
> even if I don't know a word of tcl. Is there someone
> out there ready to help in case of troubles ?

I don't think using the installer is going to help you. The installer
currently supports M$ operating systems and x86 linux. None of the
existing binaries are going to be of any use for you on Darwin.

So you need to go back to sources. You can get eCos and the eCos tools
you need from anonymous CVS.

You can build the tools by following the instructions in the How well this will work i've no idea. I know people have
build FreeBSD binaries before, so there is a good chance it will work.
If not, im sure we can help, if you post the error logs.

Once you have the eCos tools compiled you will need a toolchain for
your target. These are instructions for building the tool chains which
are normally used at

You could also use a more recent tool chain if you want, however eCos
has been tested most with the version of gcc listed on this web page.


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