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Re: Installing eCos 2.0 on linux

On Thu, 15 Dec 2005, jess_lyn (sent by wrote:


can anyone please tell me how to install eCos 2.0 on a pc running linux. i cannot use the online installation option. so i got to install it by building it from the source. theres is no documentation regarding the insatallation on the website (or i couldnt find it yet). please help!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Jess,

download ecos-2.0.i386linux.tar.bz2 from

untar, you'll get ecos-2.0 directory

	create a build directory anywhere else than in
ecos-2.0 directory.

do /path/to/ecos-2.0/configure --target=arm-elf --prefix=/opt

(if your target is arm-elf)

then make , make install

	once installed, you have to set the
ECOS_REPOSITORY variable to point to the ecos.db file path,
this give, on my workstation;

export ECOS_REPOSITORY="/opt/ecos-2.0/packages"

then, you can run ecosconfig from the binary dir;

bash-2.05b lnx0029563 /opt/bin/ecosconfig
Usage: ecosconfig [ qualifier ... ] [ command ]
commands are:
list : list repository contents
new TARGET [ TEMPLATE [ VERSION ] ] : create a configuration
target TARGET : change the target hardware
template TEMPLATE [ VERSION ] : change the template
add PACKAGE [ PACKAGE ... ] : add package(s)
remove PACKAGE [ PACKAGE ... ] : remove package(s)
version VERSION PACKAGE [ PACKAGE ... ] : change version of package(s)
export FILE : export minimal config info
import FILE : import additional config info
check : check the configuration
resolve : resolve conflicts
tree : create a build tree
qualifiers are:
--config=FILE : the configuration file
--prefix=DIRECTORY : the install prefix
--srcdir=DIRECTORY : the source repository
--no-resolve : disable conflict resolution
--version : show version and copyright
-q, --quiet : reduce verbosity
-v, --verbose : increase verbosity
-i, --ignore-errors : ignore unresolved conflicts
-n, --no-updates : read-only mode, do not modify the file system
--enable-debug : enable debugging in this configuration
--disable-debug : disable debugging in this configuration
--help : display this message


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