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Triggering interrupt on the mpc5200 running eCos

hi everybody!

i am working with the boa5200 evaluation board, which has an mpc5200 chip on it.
i want an interrupt to be triggered, once i pull external pin /IRQ2 down low.
I created an interrupt with the cyg_interrupt_create function, using the vector
number 27 (from #define CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_IRQ2 which i found in cyg/hal/var_intr.h).
I set the right bits in the Mpc5200's register MPC5XXX_ICTL_EENAB (in cyg/hal/mpc5xxx).
The main problem is that i am not able to attach the interrupt to the global interrupt
vector, using the cyg_interrupt_attach command. From debugging, i see that the attach()
command calls the HAL_INTERRUPT_SET_LEVEL macro from intr.cxx
(in ecos/packages/kernel/current/src/intr.cxx). From there, it jumps to the EMPTY function
cyg_hal_interrupt_set_level in var_intr.c (in ecos/packages/hal/powerpc/mpc5xxx/current/src/var_intr.c).
It then jumps back to the macro HAL_INTERRUPT_IN_USE in the intr.cxx function, then to the
macro HAL_INTERRUPT_ATTACH in intr.cxx, but nothing more is done.
I also checked out the mpc5200 register Main Interrupt Status All Register, but
it does not indicate any pending interrupt, which means that the interrupt has not been
please, HELP!!!!


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