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Re: v2 flash - am29xxxxx v2 : Question about flash topology

>>>>> "Emmanuel" == e coullien <> writes:

    Emmanuel> We are using eCosPRO (2.032) release on a new board with
    Emmanuel> two 16 bit flash devices in parallel. It woks fine with
    Emmanuel> the old flash driver am29xxxxx. But we have to use the
    Emmanuel> new driver am29xxxxx_v2 because we use JFFS2. We would
    Emmanuel> like to know how to inform the am29xxxxx_v2 driver about
    Emmanuel> this topology because actually, the driver
    Emmanuel> initialisation failed.

It should be straightforward. You have to set up the processor's
memory controller appropriately to drive a 32-bit bus rather than a
16-bit bus. If things are already working with the V1 driver then
presumably you have done this already. Next, in the platform HAL
package where the AMD device is instantiated you will need to switch
the _16 variants of the init_cfi, erase and program functions to the
_1616 ones. That should be enough to make the AMD driver access two
16-bit devices in parallel.

Do make sure you have this change in your release of the
devs/flash/amd/am29xxxxxv2 package: 

    2005-01-19  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* src/am29xxxxx_aux.c (am29_hw_erase): Handle interleaved
	(parallel) flash correctly when one device finishes before another.
	(am29_hw_program): Similar.

If you do not already have this it is available in the flash_v2 branch
in anoncvs.


Bart Veer                       eCos Configuration Architect     The eCos and RedBoot experts

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