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Javascript on eCos

Hi Hans Hubner,

We have ported Spidermonkey to eCos on an ARM 7 platform. This is not very difficult. I cannot send you an .epk packet, because we are a commercial company, but I can give you a few details.

I use these CFLAGS for the compiler: -DCROSS_COMPILE -DXP_UNIX -DECOS_ARM -D__ECOS -DHAVE_LOCAL_TIME_R -I$(PREFIX)/include/spidermonkey.

I have not included editline, liveconnect and perlconnect. I have ported editline though for testing. This is also easily done.

I have made the proper configuration definitions for our platform to the file jscpucfg.h. And there are also a few (very simple) corrections to the files jsosdep.h and jstypes.h (in particular you must #undef JS_HAVE_LONG_LONG and assure that the file jscpucfg.h gets included).

I think this should be sufficient for you to make the porting easy (a few days of work). 

The size of Spidermonkey on our platform is approx. 400 kB.

Best Regards

E-mail: eak at rtx dot dk

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