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Re: Eagle 100 (Stellaris LM3S6918)

Hi Frank and Christophe

Frank Pagliughi wrote:

> Hi, I was going to grab my SAM3 eval boards from the closet, but to make
> space for them on my desk I had to put away the Micromint Eagle 100
> board that was sitting there. Then got to thinking the Eagle 100 would
> be a really good board for eCos. It's a COTS board around a Stellaris
> LM3S6918 with a decent amount of I/O. I'm not an Ethernet guy, so I
> probably couldn't get networking going on the board, but could probably
> manage the rest of the port pretty quickly.
> I looked at the existing Stellaris eCos port for the lm3s8xx, and
> thought to make a corresponding lm3s6xxx. But on closer inspection, I
> found 19 processors in the 6000 series, all with different memory sizes
> and I/O. The only thing they share in common is that they have Ethernet
> but not CAN. The 8000 series has Ethernet and CAN. The 5000 series has
> CAN and USB. And so on...
> So the breakdown of the Stellaris series doesn't exactly mesh with eCos
> directory structure, since the chip internals may have more in common
> with chips across the different series than within it.
> So I'm at a loss on how to proceed. Any advice?

A quick glance of the parametric search table suggests that the various
sub-families of LM3S parts do indeed offer different permutations of
on-chip peripherals. I expect that all these parts can be accommodated
by extending the existing eCos LM3S8xx variant HAL package.

Christophe, do you concur?

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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