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Re: [docbook] Ruminations on the future of DocBook

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
>  John R. Daily <> wrote
>>>For DocBook, I think that time has come.
> ...
>>think it borders on self-evident that DocBook needs significant
> No, it is not self-evident.

Did you actually read

> DocBook needs documentation (TDG is only a
> first attempt), needs training (any MS-Word trainer knows how it is
> difficult to make people use styles, not presentation marks), needs
> software (tools are stilll much too buggy, specially jadetex and
> passivetex),

All those are indeed areas where improvement is desirable. But I don't see how that contradicts Norm's initiative.

> but it does not need yet another rewriting

What would be bad about something good? :)

Seriously though, the point is to improve DocBook. I think that that's a very worthy effort.

> that will
> render obsolete all the training already performed (not to mention
> documents).
"I think one of the goals should be that most valid DocBook documents can be transformed into new valid documents with XSLT."

> My personal opinion on Docbook is that too much time is spent on the
> standard and not enough on the surrounding environment (docs, tools).

Both areas (would) benefit from your support :)



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