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Re: [docbook] need coding for "Caps/smallcaps" and "bolditalic" text

I guess the question is  more how to tag the document so that the
stylesheets will produce the desired result. While I agree with you that
style is not one of Docbook's concerns it should be straight forward to tag
elements so that the stylesheets produce the desired result and this is not
always straightforward.

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Subject: Re: [docbook] need coding for "Caps/smallcaps" and "bolditalic"

> On Thursday 29 May 2003 06:55, Raju Sharma wrote:
> > Is there any coding/attribute available for making text SmallCaps (sc)
> > BoldItalic (both Bold as well as italic)?
> >
> > I tried to use <emphasis role="smallcaps">...</emphasis> and <emphasis
> > role="bolditalic">...</emphasis>. But it is not working.
> >
> > NOTE: After this I tried <emphasis><emphasis
> > role="bold">..blah...</emphasis></emphasis> for bold italic and it
> > Is this nesting of <emphasis> acceptable?
> That is not something you should control from within your DocBook sources.
> Style belongs in the stylesheets.
> For more information on the DocBook XSL stylesheets, see:
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