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Re: [docbook] external indexes (was: RFE 714764 - 'typed' indexes)

Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Tobias Reif wrote:
>> If I ever would need more than one index for a document (let's say
>> it's a book), then I guess I could do it something like this:
>>   * Make no changes to the book itself.
>>   * Create two or more indexing documents.
>>     Each would probably be written in some custom XML lang (since the
>>     mechanism is not (yet?) standardized).
> It is. There are Topic Maps which are perfectly suitable for such
> task.
> With XML you will probably use XTM -- XML based language for
> serialization of Topic Maps.

I know TM/XTM, and there are various other formats/languages one could use.
Though it's not clear how one would point to a single word which is not wrapped in a tag (only with many more words); for this, something like tagging inside the book or regexen seems to be necessary. So I wrote "I could do it something like this" and "probably [would] be written in some custom XML lang". I didn't say that there's no other way.

What I meant is that a mechanism for external indexes hasn't (yet) been incorporated in or normatively referenced by the DocBook standard, and thus some non-DocBook language (custom or not) would need to be combined with DocBook , and thus existing DocBook tools are unlikely to support this mechanism.


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