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Re: [docbook] RFE 714764 - 'typed' indexes

Dave Pawson wrote:

At 12:49 23/05/2003 +0200, Tobias Reif wrote:

I just thought that it would be much more flexible to not insert index term markup in the document, at all (at most place a simple reference to each index document). If I get a DocBook document and don't like the indexing, I have to work my way through the whole document and discard the previous work,

That's why indexers are paid good money to do their job.

I can't see what that has to do with discarding the previous indexing markup. Indexers would still be paid good money, even if they don't have to discard previous indexer's work, AFAICS.

or I have to produce a new version of the DocBook document (I don't have much experience with DB indexing, so I might be wrong). So I simply like the general possibility of separating the document from it's indexes; I didn't yet think about technical details.

Seeing my book indexed by a professional, I began to appreciate the work that went
into doing it. It is, essentially, an additional layer of markup that goes in on top of
the actual content.

I questioned neither of those.

Keeping multiple indexing documents shouldn't affect any of the aspects you mentioned.



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