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RE: [docbook] is there any way to code genus & species names in d ocbook XML

> As for the styling:
> If you talk about HTML:
> All presentational code is deprecated.
> If you talk about XSLFO:
> If the stylesheets style "foreignphrase" 
> italicized than that's great (since that's what he wanted), 
> but the fact 
> remains that this styling preference can not be expressed in DocBook. 
> The choice and use of DocBook markup should not be driven by default 
> styles of a specific stylesheet. You can not rely on getting 
> italic text 
> for "foreignphrase". You simply and luckily can not express 
> this wish in 
> DocBook.

I certainly hope that everybody on this list understands that, as it's one
of the principal benefits to using DocBook in the first place.  I was just
letting Raju know that a commonly used tool rendered this tagging as he
wanted.  My main motivation for suggesting <foreignphrase/> was semantics,
not presentation.

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