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Re: [docbook] is there any way to code genus & species names in docbookXML

Raju Sharma wrote:
I want to code some genus & species names in italic format. Is there any coding available in docbook for the same? If not then how can I add these names in my XML?
We had this discussion on this list a few months ago, it might be worth looking back through the archives. My comment at the time was that historically, Linnean names had been treated typographically as they now are because they were in a foreign language. This has typically meant italicisation where possible and underlining in manuscripts. This specifically makes foreignphrase the correct element. It has the practical benefit that it just works "as is". I use it regularly.

If the markup is expected to cover semantics or structure such as "no species without genus" or "currently recognised taxon" or if it is to have additional attributes such as authority then clearly a new element is required. IMHO that would be outside the docbook remit - though I would like it :-)

Nigel Hardy

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