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[docbook] Re: DocBook: The Definitive Guide - Copyright Problem

On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 04:42:37PM -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Bradford C Smith <> was heard to say:
> | Since I run Debian at work, I looked up the information about this
> | package and have included it below.
> Thanks. I'm in the middle of the "new maintainer" process myself, on
> my way to joining Debian.

Cool!  Wish I had time to do that. B')

> | Description: DocBook: The Definitive Guide - HTML version
> Ah, this is the HTML version. This isn't going to help the folks
> looking for the XML sources, I bet.

No, I'm afraid you misunderstand.  The package that gets installed on
the user's system is just the HTML files, but the tarball in question
contains the <emphasis>sources</emphasis> used to build the package.
Thus, the tarball contains the source XML files.

Best Regards,

Bradford C Smith

p.s.  I <emphasis>love</emphasis> the way your mailing list does digests
as attached messages.  It allowed me to respond directly to this message
even though I'm in digest mode.  Very cool!

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