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Re: [docbook] RFE 714764 - 'typed' indexes

Michael Smith wrote:

Does that mean that I could create (not generate) two different indexes (sets of index terms) for the same document, as two separate XML documents?

I'm not sure what you mean by "two separate XML documents" or how that
relates to the what the DocBook DTD allows or doesn't allow.

If you mean putting the sets of index terms into separate physical files
and then conditionally including one or the other -- via XInclude or
some Makefile entity/file switching or whatever -- yeah, I guess you
could. Of course nothing in the DTD would prevent you from doing that.

Or do you mean putting multiple sets of indexterms into the same source
document, with a plan of conditionally including/excluding certain sets
from processing?

I just thought that it would be much more flexible to not insert index term markup in the document, at all (at most place a simple reference to each index document). If I get a DocBook document and don't like the indexing, I have to work my way through the whole document and discard the previous work, or I have to produce a new version of the DocBook document (I don't have much experience with DB indexing, so I might be wrong). So I simply like the general possibility of separating the document from it's indexes; I didn't yet think about technical details.
Just as with separating content from style, it becomes easy to swith the other component with minimal effort.

All that said, of course you'd need to have some support on the
processing side for generating multiple indexes and for doing
conditional processing of your Indexterm sets -- the 'profiling'
capability in the DocBook xslt stylesheets or something similar. Without
that. Otherwise, the processing app is just going to put contents of all
the sets into the default index.

I guess I'd like to link to one indexing document, then process the doc. When I want to use a different indexing document, I could simply change the link (eg XInclude).



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