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Re: [docbook] is there any way to code genus & species names in docbook XML

Gisbert Amm wrote:

> [...] you could simply use some
> non-semantic inline markup like <emphasis></emphasis> to get the genus
> and species names italic.

I *no way* can or should you rely on getting italic text for emphasized text. You simply can not express this wish in DocBook. Luckily. DocBook is a doument markup language, not a layout, presentation, design, style, or graphics language.

I also don't think he wants to emphasize the words he mentioned.

Sure you can state that all emphasized text should be rendered in italicized glyphs, but you do that in something like XSL (XSLT generating XSLFO), or in CSSheets styling (X)HTML documents generated from the DocBook sources.

Original poster:
  "I want to code some genus & species names in italic format."

Perhaps try

<phrase role="genusname">...
<phrase role="speciesname">...

<span class="phrase role-genusname">...
<span class="phrase role-speciesname">...
{font-style: italic}



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