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Re: [docbook] Task Markup (delinquent action item)

Alright, I may have missed this in previous emails to this list, but what is the difference between the proposed <task> and the existing <procedure>? A task can be presented easily as a procedure, I use this element for this purpose.

If I am off-base you can tell me to shut up.


Dave Pawson wrote:

At 08:42 20/05/2003 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:

At the last DocBook TC meeting, I took an action to describe the
committees tentative decisions about a <task> element. I should have
done this long ago.

We propose that a task consist of:


The tasksummary, taskprerequisites, and taskrelated are all wrappers
around component.mix (think para+).

The task element would become part of compound.class which would allow
it to appear anywhere that procedure appears now.

Your feedback on this proposal is strongly encouraged.

Generally fine by me. Nitpicking. Perhaps. DueDate Owner might be additional tags?

When the task is due by?
Who is 'tasked' with accomplishing it?


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