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Re: [docbook] Task Markup (delinquent action item)

There seems to be a problem with us users fully understanding what the developers intended when they implemented the elements already in the DocBook DTD. Maybe it would be a good thing if, when presented with a requesrt for a new element such as "task", a developer would present the requestor with and example using existing elements. Maybe "Examples" could be a living growing thing on the DocBook server that could be referenced whenever a person can't figure out how to appropriately use existing elements for their particular task.

No offense to the writers of the DocBook reference guide, but there are always a huge variety of ways to use tags that cannot be addressed in a book that has already gone to press.

Jeff Biss

Paul Grosso wrote:
Sigh, now we're doubling the size and complexity of DocBook
once again.

Where does this all stop? Or does DocBook just double
every 18 months?

Can someone remind me what the real point of "task" is again?


At 09:26 2003 05 20 -0400, wrote:
Stefan Seefeld <>
05/20/2003 09:05 AM

Subject: Re: [docbook] Task Markup (delinquent action item)

Wouldn't it make sense to allow for 'postconditions' ?


Also, 'summary' and 'prerequisites' sound like metadata. Wouldn't it
make sense to group them into a 'taskinfo' element ? (and then allow
other optional elements such as 'author' similar to articleinfo,
sectioninfo, etc. ?)


I'd like to voice support for these suggestions, and add that
postcondition (or something
in its stead) also belongs in the taskinfo element.

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