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[docbook] Re: URN for Simplified DocBook and DocBook XML

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/ Jirka Kosek <> was heard to say:
| Peter Ring wrote:
|> Sometimes, I like to use URNs for system identifiers in XML files; this
|> ensures that entity resolution goes through my catalog files, and not to
|> random files in the file system or on the net.
| This is not good practise IMHO. System identifier should always work
| and thus you should use URL pointing to the publicly available
| resource. All catalog implementation which I know allow you to
| override also system identifiers so you can gain benefits of catalog
| files on your local system and still your document work also without
| any catalog at all.
| So I will recommend you to use following URL

I think that's a matter of taste. If you have a closed system, there's
nothing technically wrong with using URNs. I've been tempted on more
than one occasion to use them in href attributes on xsl:import, for

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