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Re: [docbook] DocBook: The Definitive Guide - Copyright Problem

O'Reilly has changed the copyright after the print version of the Definitive Guide had been published:


Tobias Reif wrote:
Yann wrote:

  I'm mailing you because i just read the copyright on . I never used
docbook before because I thought that the reference book was NOT free,
as i read it at

The (c) on says, we are NOT allowed to redistribute the
document; whereas, the (c) on says the book is under FDL, wich
would allow me to modify and redistribute it, without the previous
permission of oreilly.

Which is the correct one? Can I redistribute the oreilly reference book,
or not? I don't really anderstand why there are two licenses... is this a

IANAL, but I would think that the license page can not revoke rights that the license page clearly grants to you.

I agree with you that the two pages should state the same.


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