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[docbook] Website.dtd, olink target databse


using docbook now for a long time i tried now to use website for a 

Now i've read several documents on linking with olink. i disliked 
olink in the beginning, but now i think this is a really powerful 
tool. (Thanks to bob stayton for his excellent document, thanks to 
norm of course, too. (if you are listening, you should really link to from your 
website documentation

now i can generate my autolayout.xml file and can generate a 
target.db file for each webpage

I just modified tabular.xsl to my-tabular.xsl with the following 
template to collect xrefs with docbook templates.

<xsl:template match="/">
  <xsl:if test="$collect.xref.targets = 'yes' or
                $collect.xref.targets = 'only'">
    <xsl:apply-templates select="/" mode="collect.targets"/>
  <xsl:if test="$collect.xref.targets != 'only'">

thats fine. Now i need a <targetset> document with a sitemap and i am 
wondering why this isnt generated automatically through 

Now two questions:

1. Does anybody has already written an xslt converter for 
autolayout.xml to the master targetset file (olinkdb.xml)? If not i 
will do so, but would rather like it going for dinner tonight ;-)

2. Should every webpage be one document inside olinkdb.xml or should 
it be one document which is in the sense of targetset "chunked" into 
many files.(like what you get when you collect.xrefs with 
docbook/html/chunk.xsl). As i thought at first each webpage is one 
document and can have same ids inside its content flow as another 
webpage even if they are "connected" by layout.xml. But then you have 
lots of document IDs inside your olinkdb.xml. 

But i guess having many documents is the correct way because you dont 
have to struggle about same IDs in different webpage documents. But 
maybe as webpage/@id are checked by autolayout.xsl you could do it 
with subsequent ids as well. (or is it this way already??)

kind regards,

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