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Re: [docbook] Re: Tables, braille and other stuff

Yann Dirson wrote:

But tables are not presentational when used appropriately.

Can you give an example of an appropriately-used table ?

Each and every piece of tabular data which is marked up as table, in a non-presentational, semantically and structurally appropriate, and accessible (see for example WCAC) way.

Most markup and accessibility experts agree I would think; it's OK if you don't.

As I said, feel free to continue to believe that all tables are "presentational"; that should not change much about the issues we all face and their solutions.

Accessibility should be much more of a concern than discussing terminology, or even worse fighting over beliefs. The latter would lead to no solution.

If you don't agree with the latter, you could limit yourself to the subset you consider the better subset, thus not use table markup.
You are always free to markup your tabular data without table markup, eg as list.

Well, I'd better see some markup that would be more suitable - using
lists is likely not to be a good solution for most cases.

I said "eg as list"; there are many more possibilities, eg sections, paragraphs, nested lists, etc etc.

Designing alternative markup for tabular data could be interesting. Which structure would it have if not tabular or linear (lists)?
Proposals I have seen so far still looked like tables though. And thinking about how it can be represented in (X)HTML would also help.



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