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[docbook] References to ordered & continued lists


using Norms current xsls I've run into something curious:
I have an <orderedlist/> which is separated by <para/>s, so there are some
orderedlists which have only one listitem.
An <xref> to listitem no. IV is labeled as I. 

I will override it with an xreflabel for that listitem so it is no problem
but ugly.

It seems the template counts the listitems of the ordered list instead of
checking for continuation="continues" attribute. If that is right, my proposal
is to fix that bug (if it IS one).
Is it a bug with the stylesheets or is it a bug elsewhere (processor,
formatter, driver files, me,...)?

I have no time until next month, but if there is no solution until then, i
could try to fix it for myself and post the result. Is that ok?

kind regards,

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