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[docbook] yet another question on exercises

  another question about exercises, but looking at them from a
different perspective.

  in the courseware manual i'm writing, i want to have exercises
*liberally* sprinkled throughout each section.  in some cases,
there might be a short set of exercises at the bottom of each page.

  regardless of what level section i'm in at the time, i'd like
to start each set of exercises with a title like "Exercises".
however, i don't want to make that any level of section since
i don't want an exercise set to be numbered as a section, or to
be included in the TOC.

  in addition, if there's room, i'd like to fit the exercises at
the bottom of the page but if there isn't room for the entire set,
i'd like to page break to the next page for the whole thing.

  what kind of element would make sense here?  i guess i could
use a <bridgehead> just for the heading, unless there's a better

  and while docbook itself doesn't concern itself with page breaks,
is there a good choice for this that would get me what i'm after
when it comes to generating the eventual PDF?



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