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Re: [docbook] Re: XML Editors

Steinar Bang wrote:

Eduardo Gutentag <>:

I use xxe (, free and platform
independent. Not perfect (but I have not tried the paid version)
but good enough for most of my uses. I would not know whether it's
appropriate for industrial uses, though.

My major nit with it, is that it expands all entities and then forgets that they exist:

Since I use external entities to split documents into multiple files,
use the same sections/chapters in multiple files, read in my
application's version number, etc. etc., XXE is _not_ the editor for

I tried it a few months ago, but couldn't get my Docbook documents to validate. These were files that validated in XMetaL and also processed error free in Saxon and XSLTProc. I posted queries once or twice to this list with no joy. I wrote to their tech support, waited and then received a reply saying there was nothing wrong with the files I had sent them, but they couldn't do anythong for me because their focus was on "user interface" questions. You will know that XMLMind depends, by default, on the MS parser for validating. The difficulty I had was with entities that went unrecognized after they had in fact been defined correctly.

To their credit, the developers said they were looking at expanding the validation engine capabilities of the product. I don't know if anything has happened in that direction yet, however. Also, there have been others on the list who have had no problems whatsoever with Docbook files, but there is no info to explain where the problems begin and end.


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